Watchdog Report Openreach

Watchdog Report Openreach

Openreach were in for a grilling by the BBC Watchdog program, as frustrated customers took complaints to their MP in order to get something done.

Watchdog Report Openreach

Hundreds report being let down by Openreach

Article by the BBC Watchdog program Published 30 October 2013

If you need a phone line installed or repaired most of the time Openreach are the only ones who can do it for you. This means that if anything goes wrong you’re entirely at their mercy.

The company’s slogan sums up their task perfectly: ‘Keeping the Nation Connected’. But hundreds of you have told us how you’ve been let down by the company leaving you with no phone and broadband. Sometimes for weeks if not months.

That’s what happened to Talk Talk customer Angela Jones.

Both of her services failed completely in August. She told us: ‘They informed me first of all that within 48 hours they would carry out some tests, and then hopefully the phone line would be fixed.’

But when Angela noticed that nothing had changed she used her mobile to repeatedly call Talk Talk. They told her the problem wasn’t with them but with the line that goes into her house.

Openreach are responsible for this but the company will not allow customers to complain to them directly. In fact as customers you can’t contact them at all.

It’s set down in law that customers can only deal with their providers, which means Angela had no choice but to keep ringing TalkTalk to find out about Openreach’s progress.

Angela explained: ‘I didn’t feel we were getting anywhere. Every time I saw a BT Openreach van in the area I almost wanted to go out and ask them: “are you coming to fix my phone?” because it was just so frustrating.’
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