Upgrade your BT Master Socket for Faster Broadband

In order to achieve faster Broadband speeds it’s a very good idea to upgrade BT Master Socket by fitting the latest vDSL Faceplate. It could transform your Internet experience by releasing the full potential of your telephone line.

Here is what it looks like.
Upgrade BT Master SocketIn your house you may have old wiring that’s been added to over the years; extension sockets in various rooms all spurred off of the main incoming telephone line.

For the Broadband signal this can create unwanted reflections that restrict your Internet performance.




Upgrade BT Master Socket – 3 easy steps to follow

1. Firstly you must ensure that the Router is situated in the same vicinity as the BT Master Socket or NTE5.
2. Secondly that the extension wiring in your house is fed from the removable front panel of the faceplate.
3. Purchase a vDSL Faceplate that has a built in filter – this will act as a ‘buffer’ between your incoming line, and all of the extension wiring that might normally pick up interference from your mains wiring etc and prevent it interfering with the high speed data.

Here is the correct Mk3 vDSL faceplate you need, which is also fitted as standard to BT Infinity and Fibre installations.

Carry out a Broadband Speed Test before you upgrade your BT Master Socket and again after you have fitted the new BT Infinity vDLS Faceplate, and see how much of an increase you now have. You have just released your telephone line’s full potential.

To read more about fitting this faceplate to your existing BT Master Socket click here How to upgrade to a BT Infinity Faceplate