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My Background as Telephone Engineer in Southend. Why I sadly left BT Openreach to become a successful Independent Telephone Engineer.



When BT decided to install trackers in everyone’s vans, forcibly implement Saturday working & shift patterns, I felt my only option was to leave the company I had so loved to be a part of-for the last 23 years. Along with so many other mature vastly experienced Openreach Engineer I felt betrayed- the new management style was far removed from the previous ‘caring’ company we all worked for. I really miss working for BT – as it was, & over the years have gained so much knowledge as an Openreach Engineer covering the Southend, Wickford, Woodham Ferrers, Rayleigh and Benfleet area, that it would be a sad waste not to put it to good use.
We (older) guys helped build the network that the younger generation of engineers has now inherrited and have to maintain. We trained them to a high standard, but the tough time constraints put unbelievable pressure on BT Engineers nowadays – forcing in my opinion a compromise in customer service, missed appointments, and rushed workmanship to just do the minimum required, and dash.
Time for a new start & hopefully if I am successful I will inspire many others who feel stuck in a similar helpless situation.

My objective

My aim, whilst providing a cost effective, independent, friendly solution to many broadband and telephone problems, is to harness all the years of experience of many skilled ex BT engineers across the UK. I have compiled a database, searcheable by the public, businesses, or careers offices to ‘find an ex BT Openreach Engineer in your area’.  Click here and scroll down to see all the Ex BT Engineers I have on board so far! Ex BT Engineers across the uk, click here and scroll down To encourage currently employed telephone engineers that there is a bright new future awaiting should they follow suite.

Why choose me / us?

Well I have years of experience, & have received the best training possible covering all aspects of my job, and completing tasks in a safe, professional manner. Your local ex BT Openreach Engineers will have an invaluable set of skills too.

All BT Openreach Engineers have been security cleared by BT & regularly work in restricted access areas such as banks & prisons. Most BT engineers I’ve met are conscientious, trustworthy and take a pride in their work.

You can contact me here

Openreach Engineer, independent Telephone services I provide locally.

Line checks on your own equipment and wiring.

Shift / renew / recover old wiring.

Provide additional extension sockets in a new location

Check slow broadband issues

Provide basic computer lessons for beginners.

Price List

  • Faults diagnosed to be in your premises, or proven to outside BT network    £50
  • Extension sockets (for sky boxes, computers etc)                                                      £65 each
  • Wiring shifted or re routed for window replacement                                                 £65
  • Unsightly wiring tidied up, redundant wiring recovered.
  • Same high standard of workmanship as BT Openreach no compromise.
  • Fraction of the cost! No VAT. No foreign switchboard to negotiate!
  • Work carried out quickly, when you would like it done, anytime!
  • Local, friendly, trustworthy service provided by independent Ex-BT engineers.

Independent Ex BT Openreach Telephone Engineer Geoff Grove. My background.



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