Lightning Damage

Storm damage and lightning damage play havoc with telephone lines and sensitive electrical equipment. A lightning strike can travel along the Openreach network and damage sockets, wiring and equipment plugged in during a storm. If your phone line is dead after a thunder storm it’s time to do some tests and determine if you should call your service provider or an Independent Telephone Engineer.

Safeguard yourself from Storm Damage

The safe option if a storm is due is to unplug telephones and televisions (as tv aerials can pick up the static charge too) until the storm has passed.

Lightning Protection

There is lightning protection fitted inside each Master Socket – even if it’s the old style. There is also lightning protection fitted at the telephone exchange, however a direct or indirect lightning damage can still cause serious problems. I’ve seen the front blown off of sockets, and blackened charred circuit boards.

Lightning Damage

Lightning damage and Storm Damage to telephone sockets and wiring after the master socket is your own responsibility and chargeable if you call out BT Openreach to fix it. If your phone is dead, identify your Master Socket and using a small screwdriver remove the front plate. Plug a known good phone into the test socket and check for dial tone. Make a test call to and from your mobile so you know everything is OK.

If your line is now ok, but when you plug the front plate back in it goes dead, then you have a short circuit fault on your own wiring or equipment and it looks likely that you have suffered lightning damage from a lightning strike nearby.

Unplug all equipment

Unplug ALL filters, Sky Boxes and telephones from the other sockets in the house. Check again with your known good phone in each telephone socket. If you now have dial tone then the short circuit fault is in one of the pieces of equipment or filters you previously removed. One by one plug back in and test each time until you find the problem.

Line is still dead

If the line goes dead when the front plate is plugged in but there is no equipment connected, then you have a wiring fault within your premises and need a local telephone engineer to trace and fix it. Give me a call and see if I can save you some money and time! 01702 200800