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This is a new page about your Home Hub. A friend of mine is scribbling away so check back soon!

Troubleshoot your Home Hub

I hope to have info, tips and tricks to make your BT Home Hub perform better and stop your Broadband connection dropping out when that blasted light keeps flashing.

Home Hub problems

What to do if the lights keep going out and you loose sync. Understanding what the lights mean, connections you can check first.

Home Hub Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Increase Speed

How to get the fastest broadband speed with reliability. How to do a speed test before you start messing around, so that you know if your changes increase or decrease your speed.

Download the correct settings for your hub here.

Hub Settings BT

Hub Settings Talk Talk

Hub Settings Sky

Hub Settings Plusnet

Home Hub Connection Speed

How to self check your wiring and compare your broadband speed in your street with that of your neighbours, so you know what kind of deal you are getting.
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