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Thanks for your great reviews!

Keep your reviews of my service coming in! It helps people that haven’t heard of or used myself or a member of my team to make an informed choice. I genuinely value your feedback, and want to know that everyone has had a Great Customer Experience from start to finish when trusting me with your telephone and Internet needs.

Latest glowing reviews:

I came across Geoff’s website whilst recovering from the shock of being told BT would charge me £350 for a call out to investigate my non functioning landline. Exhausted from numerous conversations with a distant call centre who knew nothing about the workings of a telephone, and were impossible to comprehend anyway and could therefore offer any helpful advice, I rang Geoff’s number.
I got an answer straight away and not only was he able to talk me through my problem but also to talk me through the necessary procedure to cure it. Bingo – I had a working phone again ! Geoff followed up our conversation with a courtesy call to me that evening to check that everything was well……
I cannot recommend his service more highly or thank him enough.
Julia,East Sussex

Some feedback quotes for you as requested:
You and your network of problem-solvers really made my week last week!
Cardiff-based Dickon got in straight in touch with me after my enquiry via your website and – by sheer luck – was in the area and able to visit the same afternoon. 45 minutes and a cuppa later, we were not only connected again but had had the socket moved to where we needed it and old cabling from the previous owners had been taken down or tidied up – at a charge less than half of what Openreach would have been, let alone the difficulty of persuading service providers that an engineer visit is actually needed! Plus, he is a thoroughly nice guy. A huge thank you to you both – a much-needed service, just one that most of us don’t know much about until problems arise
Best wishes, Chris

HI Geoff
Really helpful advice from an engineer who really knows his trade. It was great to deal with someone who listened to our problem carefully before suggesting the way forward. Easy to contact, reliable and will attend to the issues promptly.
Many thanks for the contact in our area and for giving of your time and advice so freely. I shall recommend you when the opportunity arises!
All the best

So please let me know about your experience if you have used myself or a member of my team to fix your line or alter some wiring.
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