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Trying to get your service provider to send out a BT Openreach Engineer can be very stressful, and a time consuming endurance test. I’ve been out to customers who have had problems with their Broadband or Telephone Service and just wanted a BT Openreach engineer to call and investigate the fault. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Please send a BT Openreach Engineer to me!



The ‘Good Old Days’ when I was a BT Openreach Engineer.

What seems to happen is that firstly, people who report a problem with their Telephone Service get stuck in a loop. The adviser, often from ‘Outer Mongolia’ just reads from a script, and in some cases, also gives them misleading information. I’ve heard people say ‘Sky told me I need to have my Router plugged into the main socket, and not an extension, in order for my internet to work’. This is simply not true.

There are a number of tests you can do yourself before calling out a BT Openreach Engineer, or an independent Engineer like myself. You can view these money saving ideas by clicking HERE. You might not need a visit, just the right advice and help to identify the problem!




Instal a new Telephone Extension Socket

I’ve also heard of customers asking for a Sky Engineer, Talk Talk Engioneer, or BT Openreach Telephone Engineer to re connect or install a new telephone extension socket, only to be told that it’s far cheaper to get the work done privately by an independent engineer. Whilst I know this is true, I am always suprised that these larger companies seem to put people off, encouraging them to look elsewhere!

Well, by searching for a BT Openreach Engineer you have found me! I’m an Ex BT Openreach Engineer, providing the same high standard of workmanship, with a drive to maintain good customer service and do exactly what you want, when you want – much cheaper!

To book an appointment with me, Ex BT Openreach Engineer, or a member of my team, please call 07790 200800 or 01702 200800 or click here – Contact Form

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