BT Infinity

BT Infinity Broadband is launched in more places across the country, and to see if you can have it in your area just click the red text further down. It will tell you quickly if you can have Super Fast Broadband yet.

BT Infinity Super Fast Fibre Broadband

BT Infinity Broadband is also referred to as ‘Super Fast Broadband. It’s gradually becoming available in more and more areas as BT extend and upgrade the copper network with Fibre optic cable. Each area that you live in is served from the exchange, via a green cabinet, with copper and aluminium cable. BT are replacing the cable between the green boxes and the exchange with fiber optic cable, thereby reducing the amount of distance your line travels on conventional wire by at least half in most cases. This is me when I worked at BT having just re built a green box Cabinet. This uses the existing copper cable back to the exchange. New cabinets are being installed adjacent to these old ones, and the new fibre cable then connected to the original network to serve your house.
BT-Infinity-Fiber-BroadbandThis will enable VAST increases of Broadband speed for both download and upload.
To see if BT Infinity is supported by your exchange and available in your area, you can click my link, type in your postcode, and you will get an instant answer!

Can I have BT Infinity Broadband Service yet?


BT Infinity: How much faster will my Broadband be?

A typical broadband phone line is capable of speeds between 3 and 10mb, but with BT Infinity Broadband using the new fibre connection to the green box, speeds up to 70mb will be available. Ultimately the limitation will be how long the cable run is between you, and the green cabinet that serves your road or estate.
I was offered BT Infinity on my home line as an upgrade, I am currently with BT. I think the price quoted was around £18 per month in addition to the line rental I am paying now.

If you know of a better deal to get your home broadband line converted or upgraded to BT Infinity drop me a line!

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