Nuisance Calls

One guy recently made headline news dealing with PPI Nuisance Calls by taking the company to court.

Fed up with PPI Nuisance Calls – Now you can fight back!


The ‘Good Old Days’ when I was a BT Openreach Engineer.

My article on PPI Claims Nuisance Calls and how to prevent them focusses on Richard Herman who warned the Cold Calling PPI company that if they called him again he would bill them for his time at a rate of £10 per minute.

The Nuisance Calls continued and he kept a log and recordings of all Nuisance Calls about PPI received. He informed them that would base his bill for the use of his telephone electricity and time dealing with their calls.

Richard Herman, plagued with Nuisance Calls, submitted his bill for £195 which was 19.5 minutes of his time answering and dealing with the PPI Cold Call company PPI Claim line Limited.

Like the rest of us, he wanted them to take his name off of their list, but when the calls continued he decided to bill them for his time and expense.

Even when the company denied making the PPI Nuisance Calls to him it didn’t deter him. He took them to court, but the case didn’t make it that far. They settled out of court for £220 and made him the payment.

Say No To Cold Calls – How to avoid Nuisance Calls

To help other people fed up with PPI Claims Nuisance Calls to do the same Mr Herman has set up a website with examples of covering letters and invoices to send to nuisance callers. You can view Richard Herman’s Say No To Cold Calls website here

Say No To Cold Calls


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Registering with BT Telephone Preference Service service – Takes just 2 minutes, totally free and removes your telephone number from circulation amongst Cold Calling Companies. Click my link now!

Register with BT TPS


Say No To 0845 and Say No To 0870 numbers

Simply type in the 0845 or 0870 number, or the name of the company you want to call, and if there’s a normal local rate number – or a Freephone 0800 number it will give you details! Simple and free! No more phone bills for contacting your car insurance company or bank

Say No To 0870


Slow broadband or problems with your telephone wiring

If your internet speed is slow, or you have problems with your telephone wiring please take a look around the rest of my site – it’s designed to save you money and time, and help you get the best outcome! There’s no catch, it’s all here for you!

What to test if my broadband is slow

Thanks for looking and good luck,
Geoff Grove

Yellow Advertiser Article

The Yellow Advertiser Southend, in conjunction with Google, have written an article on me 11th October 2012.
Here it is!

Yellow Advertiser October 2012 Article about Geoff Grove


©Yellow Advertiser 2012
Geoff Grove ,Hockley DJ and entrepreneur

SPIN: DJ and entrepreneur Geoff Grove. Picture by Mark Cleveland, Yellow Advertiser


By Charles Thomson

A HOCKLEY entrepreneur is developing 150 online businesses even though he is already so busy that he has to outsource work.
Geoff Grove, 46, of Haycroft, already runs websites marketing himself as a handyman, a telephone engineer, a DJ and a pet photographer.
He started his first job, working as a DJ, when he was just 13.
He explained: “My brother used to DJ and I liked electronics. I fancied building something big and decided to build a disco with all the lights and stuff. Then I started DJ-ing for football clubs and things like that. My friends’ parents would drive me around.”
He was resident DJ at Quilters, in Billericay, for 12 years and currently plays at Plasma, in Wickford, as well as holding his own regular Soul Night at the Hockley Community Centre.
By day, Geoff worked as a BT telephone engineer for 23 years but took voluntary redundancy in 2009 and began working freelance.
He said: “My friend Steve kept telling me, ‘Get yourself a website’. I’d say, ‘What do I need a website for?’ He’d always laugh at me.
“Eventually he built me a website and taught me how to do it as he went.”
After learning the art, Geoff built websites marketing each of his businesses – DJ, engineer, handyman and even pet photographer.
He now gets so much work that he has to outsource it.
He said: “It’s really uplifting when you realise how much business is out there. I supply five other DJs with work now. I’ve already got bookings for 2014.
“By twiddling with my telephone website I’ve managed to pick up business from all over the country, so I pass that work on to engineers in the areas and they pay me a commission online.”
Geoff said he was so excited about online business opportunities that he had bought more than 150 web domains and had business ideas for all of them.
He said: “I’ve only built 14 or 15 so far, so I’ve got a lot more work to do.”
• Geoff’s next Soul Night will be held at the Hockley Community Centre on Saturday. Buy tickets, £6 each, at Soul Night Party Tickets

Say No to 0845 numbers! Alternative free phone numbers here!

Say No to 0845 numbers! Alternative free phone numbers here!

Say No to 0845 numbers and 0870 numbers! Alternative free phone numbers are here!

Save money on your phone call charges! Say No To 0845 – It’s so easy, here’s how it works..


The ‘Good Old Days’ when I was a BT Openreach Engineer.

This is a really good site, been around for sometime, but for those who don’t know about it, here it is.  It’s time to saynoto0845

You know all these 0845 and 0870 numbers you’re given to deal with your bank, or renew car insurance are chargeable to call. Well, simply scroll down and click my link Say no to 0845 or Say No To 0870 and type in the number you’ve been given, and if there’s an alternative direct local number, charged at either low rate or free, it will be listed!

Go on, give it a try next time you need to renew your car insurance or contact some big fat institution, and pay less for your phone calls 🙂 Just Say No to 0845 and Say No to 0870 – use this link below to find a cheaper number!

Click the link further down this page, then enter the name or 0845 or 0870 number of the company you want to call. You will then find any alternatives listed. Simple! SayNoTo0870 !
Want to see if your Exchange area is Live with Fibre High Speed Broadband Service? Click below, put your postcode in, and see when YOU can have it!

Is BT Infinity Broadband available in My Area



Please have a look around my website! If you have Slow Broadband, untidy wiring, Internet keeps dropping or just need some help give me a call! Geoff Grove 01702 200800 or 07790 200800


Say No To 0845 Say No To 0870


Slow Broadband? Where to start – What to test


How to install a DIY Telephone Extension Socket


Sky Box wiring really messy? How to complain..


Who Called Me ? Look up that mystery nuisance callers number


Man takes Nuisance Calls PPI Claims Line to court and wins £220 Here’s how he did it


Hire a Hot Tub in Essex – COOL party idea, delivered from £100 ! Heated, with optional gazebo


Are you fed up with nuisance calls? Register your phone line with the BT Telephone Preference Service TPS each year and it takes your number out of circulation amongst companies. It’s free and takes 2 mins click below

Stop Nuisance Calls – register free here with the BT Telephone Preference Service TPS

Say NO to 0845 and 0870 numbers and save money now!

How to stop nuisance calls

So how to stop nuisance calls ? There’s nothing worse than rushing to answer the phone only to find it’s yet another nuisance call. Don’t they drive you mad! They always call when you’re right in the middle of something, even if it’s just relaxing after a days work.

How to stop nuisance calls

So how to stop nuisance calls? Well you can register with the TPS or Telephone Preference Service, which prevents companies circulating your number to these call centres that buy your data. It’s well worth doing, as it’s so quick, and free to do.

How do I register with the TPS ?

It’s free to register, and you can do it by clicking my link here

Telephone Preference Service

You have to register once a year. It doesn’t stop the international calls, but every little bit helps.

Lifeline Careline pendant

When ordering a Lifeline Careline pendant monitored alarm unit for the elderly, you must think about the existing telephone extension socket – where it is in relation to where you need it.

Lifeline-Careline-PendantLifeline Careline pendant.

The Lifeline Careline Pendant Alarm control box needs to be plugged into an electric socket, and also a telephone extension socket. If you don’t have a telephone socket in a suitable central location, you will either need to contact BT or myself to put you an extra phone point in. British Telecom will charge you in the region of £125 for this, and my price as a guide is just £65. The Lifeline control unit will need to go in the lounge, near to where the person sits for most of the day, and requires a telephone socket and an electrical socket.
So if your relative is organising a Careline to be fitted and you need an extra telephone socket, give me a call! 07790 200800

Complaints BT

After being asked by someone for a Complaints BT number other than 150 or 151, I decided to look on the net. I have found a number of BT Contact Numbers, and BT Complaints address. I haven’t verified these, but if you are trying to complain to BT Openreach, and have been drained of all energy stuck in endless loops and call centre switchboards, you might be just desperate enough to try!

How to complain to BT Openreach

Here are a selection of BT Complaints numbers, addresses, and alternatives I found posted on forums.

Customer Service Director
Correspondence Centre
DH98 1BT

You could write to BT Head Office,
British Telecommunications PLC
81 Newgate Street,
London EC1A 7AJ
Or perhaps email The Chairman Sir Michael Rake

The board of directors names can be found here Our board

“The email addresses are at 9am this morning i had a personal reply from Gavin Patterson Chief executive BT Retail. 30 mins later i was called by ‘high level complaints’ team with refund and compensation”, explained one complainant.

“BT High Level complaints 0800 731 2762. I got through to this number which got me more information on an ongoing prob with BT… OFCOM Reference Team (0300 123 3333) & (0807 312 762 762) where I was treated with the greatest of respect and efficiency”.

Telecom Ombudsman

Talk to Ofcom
Ofcom Tel 020 7981 3040

Might also be worth having a read of this as well: Code of practice for residential customers and small businesses

You may prefer to lodge a complaint with Otelo (providing you have either received a deadlock letter or your complaint has been ongoing for 12 weeks)

Otelo is the ADR that deal with BT. If you complaint is still ongoing you should Read this :- Ofcom – How to complain and if you’ve done everything there contact them Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman – Contact Us

Otelo’s contact details are as follows:
Otelo (Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman)
PO Box 730
Warrington WA4 6WU
Phone: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 0845 050 1615

“The best way to get to the high level complaints department is to either write directly to the chairman or a member of the board. Or to the address on the bill. While you are waiting to hear back from these letters go through the normal channels of ringing an advisor and insist on getting the complaint escalated if you are still unhappy with the outcome”.
“Try and get the advisors name, however they may only give there first name for security reasons (or alternatively ask for their EIN number). Ask for their managers name and a contact number if they say they are going to ring you back, but most importantly you need a reference number for your complaint”.

Once again I take no responsibility for incorrect numbers or info here, I found this info on forums and have just collected together what I thought might be relevant and help you. However if you are raising complaints BT Openreach and you find a better way of contacting them, please drop me a line and I will amend this page.

Does my broadband router have to be plugged into the Main Socket to work?

Help is here! How refreshing – You can talk to a real Ex BT Telephone Engineer about your broadband problems, without spending an hour talking to a call centre in India, trying to understand what’s being said, or interject with their fixed script.

Get the right advice!

So many times I hear people say “But they told me my broadband will only work in a main socket, and not an extension”.. Absolute rubbish – Providing that you don’t have any faults on your telephone extension sockets or wiring, you will get full speed, where ever your router is plugged in! Simple!

Does my broadband router have to be plugged into the Main Socket to work?

No! It should work in any socket, provided there are no faults with your own wiring. Think – your line travels from the exchange to your house, maybe 2 miles of cable. Just by adding 10 yards of cable, it’s not really going to degrade your signal! 🙂

So, how can I help you

Is your Service Provider telling you you have to pay £120 plus £70 an hour to get a fault fixed?

BT-Master-Socket-TestIf your line is good at the test socket (with the front plate removed), then you may have an internal fault with your own telephone extension wiring. Then you will be charged if you call your service provider out.

If your line has a fault when you are plugged directly in to the main socket NTE5 test hole, then your fault is within the BT Network and as part of your line rental agreement, it will be fixed by BT free of charge. Ignore threats from the call centre in India, and simply explain your problems to the BT Engineer before letting him in, and i’m sure he will put your mind at rest.

Any more advice on broadband and main socket problems can be found on my website, or simply call me! It won’t take you 20 minutes to get through, and I speak the same language as you 🙂