Upgrade your BT Master Socket for Faster Broadband

In order to achieve faster Broadband speeds it’s a very good idea to upgrade BT Master Socket by fitting the latest vDSL Faceplate. It could transform your Internet experience by releasing the full potential of your telephone line.

Here is what it looks like.
Upgrade BT Master SocketIn your house you may have old wiring that’s been added to over the years; extension sockets in various rooms all spurred off of the main incoming telephone line.

For the Broadband signal this can create unwanted reflections that restrict your Internet performance.




Upgrade BT Master Socket – 3 easy steps to follow

1. Firstly you must ensure that the Router is situated in the same vicinity as the BT Master Socket or NTE5.
2. Secondly that the extension wiring in your house is fed from the removable front panel of the faceplate.
3. Purchase a vDSL Faceplate that has a built in filter – this will act as a ‘buffer’ between your incoming line, and all of the extension wiring that might normally pick up interference from your mains wiring etc and prevent it interfering with the high speed data.

Here is the correct Mk3 vDSL faceplate you need, which is also fitted as standard to BT Infinity and Fibre installations.

Carry out a Broadband Speed Test before you upgrade your BT Master Socket and again after you have fitted the new BT Infinity vDLS Faceplate, and see how much of an increase you now have. You have just released your telephone line’s full potential.

To read more about fitting this faceplate to your existing BT Master Socket click here How to upgrade to a BT Infinity Faceplate

Great reviews!


Thanks for your great reviews!

Keep your reviews of my service coming in! It helps people that haven’t heard of or used myself or a member of my team to make an informed choice. I genuinely value your feedback, and want to know that everyone has had a Great Customer Experience from start to finish when trusting me with your telephone and Internet needs.

Latest glowing reviews:

I came across Geoff’s website whilst recovering from the shock of being told BT would charge me £350 for a call out to investigate my non functioning landline. Exhausted from numerous conversations with a distant call centre who knew nothing about the workings of a telephone, and were impossible to comprehend anyway and could therefore offer any helpful advice, I rang Geoff’s number.
I got an answer straight away and not only was he able to talk me through my problem but also to talk me through the necessary procedure to cure it. Bingo – I had a working phone again ! Geoff followed up our conversation with a courtesy call to me that evening to check that everything was well……
I cannot recommend his service more highly or thank him enough.
Julia,East Sussex

Some feedback quotes for you as requested:
You and your network of problem-solvers really made my week last week!
Cardiff-based Dickon got in straight in touch with me after my enquiry via your website and – by sheer luck – was in the area and able to visit the same afternoon. 45 minutes and a cuppa later, we were not only connected again but had had the socket moved to where we needed it and old cabling from the previous owners had been taken down or tidied up – at a charge less than half of what Openreach would have been, let alone the difficulty of persuading service providers that an engineer visit is actually needed! Plus, he is a thoroughly nice guy. A huge thank you to you both – a much-needed service, just one that most of us don’t know much about until problems arise
Best wishes, Chris

HI Geoff
Really helpful advice from an engineer who really knows his trade. It was great to deal with someone who listened to our problem carefully before suggesting the way forward. Easy to contact, reliable and will attend to the issues promptly.
Many thanks for the contact in our area and for giving of your time and advice so freely. I shall recommend you when the opportunity arises!
All the best

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Lightning Damage

Storm damage and lightning damage play havoc with telephone lines and sensitive electrical equipment. A lightning strike can travel along the Openreach network and damage sockets, wiring and equipment plugged in during a storm. If your phone line is dead after a thunder storm it’s time to do some tests and determine if you should call your service provider or an Independent Telephone Engineer.

Safeguard yourself from Storm Damage

The safe option if a storm is due is to unplug telephones and televisions (as tv aerials can pick up the static charge too) until the storm has passed.

Lightning Protection

There is lightning protection fitted inside each Master Socket – even if it’s the old style. There is also lightning protection fitted at the telephone exchange, however a direct or indirect lightning damage can still cause serious problems. I’ve seen the front blown off of sockets, and blackened charred circuit boards.

Lightning Damage

Lightning damage and Storm Damage to telephone sockets and wiring after the master socket is your own responsibility and chargeable if you call out BT Openreach to fix it. If your phone is dead, identify your Master Socket and using a small screwdriver remove the front plate. Plug a known good phone into the test socket and check for dial tone. Make a test call to and from your mobile so you know everything is OK.

If your line is now ok, but when you plug the front plate back in it goes dead, then you have a short circuit fault on your own wiring or equipment and it looks likely that you have suffered lightning damage from a lightning strike nearby.

Unplug all equipment

Unplug ALL filters, Sky Boxes and telephones from the other sockets in the house. Check again with your known good phone in each telephone socket. If you now have dial tone then the short circuit fault is in one of the pieces of equipment or filters you previously removed. One by one plug back in and test each time until you find the problem.

Line is still dead

If the line goes dead when the front plate is plugged in but there is no equipment connected, then you have a wiring fault within your premises and need a local telephone engineer to trace and fix it. Give me a call and see if I can save you some money and time! 01702 200800

Telephone Engineers Local to you

Telephone-Engineers-LocalTelephone Engineers local to you join forces with one of the fastest expanding UK Telecoms teams this year.

Telephone Engineers local to you

Ex BT Engineers .com now passes work to nearly 70 Ex BT Openreach Local Telephone Engineers ready to repair Broadband faults, improve your Internet speed, tidy up wiring and fit new telephone extension sockets for Sky boxes.

It’s so quick and easy to talk to Geoff – the founder of Ex BT Engineers .com and experience excellent service.
You will instantly feel at ease being able to talk to someone local with a telecoms engineering background who understands what you want and will do all he can to ensure your troubles and concerns melt away.

A simple quick solution is often found to the many problems customers face each day, and you can deal directly with the engineer that will make the visit to you.

I want the whole customer experience to be excellent from start to finish. I want the level of service to exceed expectations, and match the level of training given to us by British Telecom back in the old days. I want confidence to return to the Telecoms industry and customers to get their phone lines repaired within days, by a Telephone Engineer local to them and at a surprisingly low price.

Telephone Engineers local to you across the UK are just one phone call away

Customers can find a local telephone engineer by looking at the UK map below, then make one call to Geoff on 07790 200800, explain the problem and book an engineer visit.

Map and contact details – click and scroll down to see Geoff’s team!

Map Simplicity, efficiency, and clarity are the key to my website’s success to serve the general public faster than they ever thought possible…

You’ve heard of ‘Superfast Broadband’, well here’s a ‘Superfast Repair Service’. Telephone Engineers local to you, just call 01702 200800 or 07790 200800 and speak to Geoff Grove

Watchdog Report Openreach

Watchdog Report Openreach

Openreach were in for a grilling by the BBC Watchdog program, as frustrated customers took complaints to their MP in order to get something done.

Watchdog Report Openreach

Hundreds report being let down by Openreach

Article by the BBC Watchdog program Published 30 October 2013

If you need a phone line installed or repaired most of the time Openreach are the only ones who can do it for you. This means that if anything goes wrong you’re entirely at their mercy.

The company’s slogan sums up their task perfectly: ‘Keeping the Nation Connected’. But hundreds of you have told us how you’ve been let down by the company leaving you with no phone and broadband. Sometimes for weeks if not months.

That’s what happened to Talk Talk customer Angela Jones.

Both of her services failed completely in August. She told us: ‘They informed me first of all that within 48 hours they would carry out some tests, and then hopefully the phone line would be fixed.’

But when Angela noticed that nothing had changed she used her mobile to repeatedly call Talk Talk. They told her the problem wasn’t with them but with the line that goes into her house.

Openreach are responsible for this but the company will not allow customers to complain to them directly. In fact as customers you can’t contact them at all.

It’s set down in law that customers can only deal with their providers, which means Angela had no choice but to keep ringing TalkTalk to find out about Openreach’s progress.

Angela explained: ‘I didn’t feel we were getting anywhere. Every time I saw a BT Openreach van in the area I almost wanted to go out and ask them: “are you coming to fix my phone?” because it was just so frustrating.’
To read more, click the BBC Watchdog link here..BBC Watchdog Openreach Article

Contact Openreach BT

I have so many calls from customers searching for the Openreach BT contact number. When things go wrong with your telephone line or Broadband you might be tempted to contact Openreach, however you must contact your Service Provider, who will arrange for Openreach BT to attend to your fault.

Your Service Provider is defined by the company that you pay your phone bill to. Openreach BT are purely a maintenance organisation who look after the telephone network, on behalf of the Service Providers, such as BT Retail, Sky, Talk Talk and Plusnet.

Why can’t I contact Openreach BT regarding my own phone line?

Contact-Openreach-BTBT Openreach are a neutral organisation set up to maintain all of the external telephone network-up to and including your Master Socket. That is the boundary between their wiring and your own extensions, for which you are responsible.

If you have a problem with your phone or internet service, you must contact your Service Provider. If it’s BT Retail, then you call 150 for Sales, and 151 for Faults Department from a landline free of charge. From your mobile it’s 0800 800 150 or 0800 800 151 and this is chargeable.

Contact Number for Openreach

You can use the Contact Number for Openreach only if you wish to report a safety issue with a telegraph pole, report damage or vandalism to BT Openreach property such as a footway box or kiosk. Remember to give as much information as possible including a number on the pole or junction box as well as the address.

Openreach Number for damage 0800 0232023

Openreach BT need to know immediately if you think that any part of their network (outside the boundary of your property) has the potential to be a danger to the general public, if you notice that it has been damaged, or to report unsafe or messy BT Openreach worksites. Please use this BT Openreach number 0800 0232023 if you spot any of the following so they can attend to it quickly:

Damaged underground cables (typically caused by mechanical diggers in built-up areas)
Loose cables or cables dangling from telephone poles
Damaged green cabinets and/or open doors on them
Damaged telephone poles (e.g. poles leaning at awkward angles, or poles that have been completely smashed to the ground)
Loose, cracked or missing manhole covers

BT Openreach also want to know if any of their work in progress or recently completed, concerns you as follows:

I would like to report damage to Openreach external line plant

Unsafe works (e.g. no guards provided around excavations, or excavations that have been left unattended for a long time)

Messy worksites (e.g. unnecessary debris left lying around while the work is underway and after it has been completed).

Poor making good of worksites (i.e. things not put back as they were before the work started)

Reporting an issue with BT Openreach People

You can use the contact info for Openreach to tell them something about their people or engineers. Follow this link, which takes you straight to the Official BT Openreach website, to raise an issue with Openreach personnel Issue with Openreach People

Best of luck contacting Openreach BT, I hope my page helps you to get in touch with the right department. If I can be of further help, or you have useful info to share with others, please call me on 07790 200800
Pleave me a review here if my information has helped you.

Slow Broadband

Slow Broadband


The ‘Good Old Days’ when I was a BT Openreach Engineer.

Slow broadband can be caused by a number of things, some are down to faulty wiring inside your house, others in the BT Openreach network. The latter are free of charge to get sorted out!

Step One – Disconnect your equipment

To determine where the problem lies, first disconnect every filter phone or Sky box plugged into your line, so you just have the main socket and extension sockets free.

Test with a known good phone and filter

Next, plug in your known good phone, and your router with the filter. Make sure the line sounds clear with no crackles. Try your broadband out and see what your speed is. You can click my Broadband Speed Test to check the line in 30 seconds. You should as a very rough guide get upwards of 3Mb per second (That’s 2 O’clock on the speed test dial).

If everything is now OK, plug the things you took out back in, one by one, each time re testing the line, until you find out what caused your problem.

Step 2 – Locate the BT Master Socket or NTE

If you still have problems, next you need to prove if the fault is inside or outside.

Have you got the newer type of master socket or NTE5 ? It’s a fairly large socket front, same size as a light switch, with a split front panel in two halves. Undo the two screws and put to one side. Withdraw the plate slowly to reveal another test socket behind. This should be the first point that the BT Openreach Network terminates on in your house.

Plug your known good phone, filter and Router in to the test socket. Check the line is clear with no crackles. Go ahead and do the speed test again and see if your speed has increased.

Noisy line but advisor tells you ‘it tests OK’

If you have any crackle or noise on the line, you need to call your service provider at this point and they will instruct BT Openreach to come out and fix your line. If the advisor palms you off with ‘Well it’s testing ok’… ignore, and insist they send someone. After all you’ve done your test and there’s a noise on the line! If your speed is bad have them visit – provided you’ve managed to determine that the fault is outside (Or within your house up to and including the master socket). The only way they can raise a charge against you is if there is dampness or corrosion damage to the wiring or master socket inside due to your defective building, or abuse with a hoover as you bash it!

Test panel back on

If things are OK, BUT when you put that test panel back together on the master socket your speed drops significantly, then you have an internal wiring problem and it’s that time to consider calling your service provider to send Openreach out OR call an independent Ex BT Engineer like myself or one of my colleagues to fix your fault and save you money at the same time.

You can reach me on 07790 200800 and 01702 200800

No more flannel !

My name is Geoff and i’m here to help you and provide you with a first class service without the flannel, high charges, or long wait for an answer that you can’t understand anyway.
Get in touch and don’t put up with those niggles or slow broadband any longer! You just found a new friend! 🙂